Friday, July 20, 2007

Rubbing it in, real nice and good

kicksave: I've been wanting to talk about this Scott Gomez situation. To summarize our past conversations it goes something like this: "what the fuck?" How in the hell does Scott Gomez (84 point high scoring season) get Joe Thornton money?


boomstick!: i'm not sure, but i can say this, i'm not nearly as whizzed off on it as you are

kicksave: It bothers me Boomer. I just don't get it. I know there are other contracts out there that make less sense...Rick DiPietro comes to mind. But Scott Gomez got more money than Drury am I wrong?

boomstick!: no, he did. this is true. but what gets me more jazzed is how is it the East has 15 of the top 20 forwards, still, and it can't hoist the Cup?

kicksave: Because the East doesn't know how to play defense.
Think about it. Where are all the good defensemen right now?

boomstick!: Souray left the East

kicksave: Pronger, Lidstrom, Nieds, Phaneuf, Schneider, Blake... I can keep going.

boomstick!: But don't forget MAREK MALIK!

kicksave: Look. I know that you want to break it down on Malik. And I agree. But you have to think that after that between the legs flipper in the shootout a couple years ago, Frankenstein's got some moves!

boomstick!: But why do D-Men trump the incredible offensive force the East has? I mean i can mention Spezza, Alfredsson, Heatley, St. Louis, Lecavalier, Crosby, Malkin, Staal, and i have only journeyed on three teams' rosters

kicksave: Basically, and talking from a goalie standpoint, unless you are Marty Brodeur, you are only as good as the guys holding down the blueline. Defensemen are important. They make space. They clear people out. They kick ass because you are often put in situations where you can't defend yourself. (Slashes to the groin aside.)

boomstick!: okay, they make space, but the game of hockey has always gone where the offense is

kicksave: The offense pushes. It's the offense, that's what they do! It is the defense's job to react to that and not allow the offense to dictate the flow of the game in the defensive zone. Basically a great defense will give a goalie the time and looks necessary to stop the puck. It can't just be Crosby and Malkin bearing down on the crease all the time. No goalie stands a chance then. The West wins because they play the best defense. Simple as that.

boomstick!: Gomez getting that contract is just about as ridiculous, I feel as the kings giving Preissing the money they gave him. No way is Tom Preissing worth that much, and since it's happened before, it didn't really rattle me all that much.

kicksave: I agree. One more thing on Gomez. As an Avs fan I got plenty of time to watch Drury, and after seeing that guy play I can honestly tell you, Scott Gomez isn't worth more than 4.5 or 5 mil a year. It pains me. Drury is THAT good. Gomez isn't.

boomstick!: you're not listening. I'm not jolted by the Gomez thing. Since getting overpaid has happened with other players (i.e. Tom Preissing) i don't really care all that much that Gomez got his Rolex.

kicksave: Okay I give up, how much did Preissing sign for? Oh, and, the Rangers aren't winning the Cup, Boomer.

boomstick!: with their defense? (Have i mentioned MAREK MALIK?)

kicksave: yes, Frankie. Good guy. Him no like fire.

Okay so let me get this straight. In this blog or article or whatever you wanna call it, you are the "East Coast Guy", no? And I’m the “West Coast guy” even though I live in Denver?

boomstick!: Well, Eastern Conference v. Western Conference.

kicksave: And we talk hockey. Okay do we tell the readers what city you live in?

boomstick!: we could…i don't mind that

kicksave: Just so…ya know… Ya don't take too much heat. Boomer there lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a guy I've known since waaay back. We've played hockey together and he was my defensemen.

boomstick!: Preissing got $3M 4 years

kicksave: Meh. You're right. I'm starting to care less.

boomstick!: And folks, Kicksave, he was at one point my goalie. He lives in the highlands of the Colorado plains.

kicksave: Highlands? Jesus, i live in the suburbs. Can't you just say suburbs? Lord.

boomstick!: The Kings also signed Nagy?

kicksave: They got Nagy? Yes! So he'll be filling in on the second line for what? About 52 games this year? He's made of balsa wood.

boomstick!: i think it would be great if on trade deadline day we did something similar to what Stewart does on E-Day.

kicksave: Stewart? That would be cool. It would mean that I might have to buy one of those Star Wars ear phone things.

boomstick!: who are you fooling, you already own one of those things (i didn't even know they existed. NERD ALERT!)

kicksave: No way! Those suck! I want to go back to the days when the people talking to themselves on the street were actually crazy.

boomstick!: Senators signed Niko Dimitrakos

kicksave: That's nice.

boomstick!: that's because Mezsaros was sick of taking the brunt of the "filthy Greek" jokes

kicksave: Pleasant.

boomstick!: i stepping off this crazy thing, jane

kicksave: Fine. Okay so that's our first Facewash. In the future we hope to bring you more sharp hockey commentary. We emphasize “more” and “sharp”

For Boomstick!, I'm Kicksave. We'll talk again real soon!

boomstick!: me says the Caps are a much improved team next year

kicksave: no shit? Olie’s only 56

boomstick!: Poti, Kozlov, Nylander (CAN BE ONLY ONE). They did well to add them, and they got that Backstrom kid playing too.

kicksave: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE NYLANDER! I'm taking him in the 14th round this year

boomstick!: allright seriously

kicksave: GET OUTTA HERE!!!

boomstick!: bye

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